Hay Practice Motorkhana cancelled

Hay Practice Motorkhana cancelled
Following four separate inspections of the Club ground at Riverstone by three different club members over the last ten days it has been decided to cancel the Hay Practice Motorkhana that was to take place this Sunday 17 May. The ground is drying out well after the recent heavy rains and flooding in the area but large areas of the motorkhana ground are still soft and will not be sufficiently dry by Sunday to sustain a motorkhana without causing major damage to the surface. There has been an enormous amount of water through the area. Judging by the tide mark in the storage container, and the fact that a large wooden box in the container has floated up high enough that it was left resting on top of a stack of plastic chairs, it is estimated that the water was nearly a metre deep at that point.
Consideration was given to rescheduling the event to 30 May but consultation with a number of Hay competitors indicated that they felt , being the weekend before, it was too close to Hay to risk breaking their cars. Therefore the event has been cancelled rather than postponed.

Hay Mini Nationals Entry forms are open

HAy 2015 1



Supp regs and entry forms are available at www.haymininationals.com.au
Entries can be emailed in and funds transfer is available, or you can go the Aussie post and a cheque option!!! Just on a month to go!!!! I can’t wait for Hay!!!

Drivers Entry Forms Click HERE

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It is with a very heavy heart that the decision has been made to cancel Wings Over Illawarra 2015.

The record breaking rain during April has made the airport grounds extremely water logged. We did think that if the rain could ease off during this last week we would be able to relocate most of the exhibits and stalls to higher ground. Last night we received another 25mls of rain. This has meant that the airfield is now totally unusable, unsafe and in no state to be able to have general public access safely.

We know that a lot of people have pre-purchased tickets for the event and these tickets will be refunded through Eventopia. The refund process may take a while so I ask you all to please be patient.

Unfortunately it is impossible to postpone an airshow, it must be cancelled. It takes time to obtain the approvals through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for one particular date. Defence Force assets are applied for 2 years in advance for one particular date. Unfortunately this is the process and as such we can’t just make it another date.

We are so sorry and really wish that this was not the case. We are all devastated.

So much planning, excitement and anticipation has gone into this event, including our hearts and souls. Seems we do not have much luck with weather.

As you can appreciate we have many people to contact and so we would appreciate it if you could try to avoid telephoning us today.
Thank you all in advance for your understanding
Mark and Kerry Bright
Wings Over Illawarra

Don’t forget to reserve your tickets to the Shannon’s Sydney Classic

16th August 2015.

Shannons Sydney Classic

At Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.

Presented by the Council of Motor Clubs

Over 1900 Veteran & Classic vehicles from 150 clubs will be on display.

The Mini Car Club has a limited number of tickets available on a ‘first order and pay’ basics for $20 each.

Please make payment directly to the Mini Car Club BSB082 112 Account no. 5091611229 – make sure you include your name on the payment advice so tickets can be allocated to you.

For any further details or enquiries please contact Robert Bradshaw 9973 2203 (418 463614 )

Robert Bradshaw (CMC delegate)

Note to all Mini Car Club members.

As this is the 50 year anniversary of the release in Australia of the Mini Deluxe and Cooper S Mk1, our club has been invited by the Council of Motor Clubs to display a number of these cars in Pitt Straight at the Shannons Classic on August 16th.

If you would like your car to be considered for this special display please contact

Robert Weir             9718 6575   (0418 161918) or

Robert Bradshaw   9973 2203   (0418 463614)

With information about your car, we need a few models of each car, neat and tidy as close to original as possible.