Historic Club Plates Update

Just an update for historic plate users…
A recent meeting between the RMS and Classic Rally Club officials and Royal Auto Club members, shed some more light on the logbook scheme.
Evidently the ability to travel short distances from home for the purposes of testing and maintenance (our 10km radius rule) does NOT have to be included as logbook trips (contrary to what I stated to you previously)
It just keeps getting better doesn’t it? :)
You are advised to let your insurer know that you are participating in the Logbook Scheme however.
I contacted Shannon’s and they stated they didn’t need to be notified, but I suggest you let them know anyway.
Rob Burns..
Historic Plate Registrar

Motorkhana, Sunday 22nd November 2015

Hi All, don’t forgot the first motorkhana at the club grounds is fast approaching, so we hope to see you all out there….
And its not just for the ladies, its been a while since she have been there, so come on out and dust up on your skills.

Sunday 22nd November 2015
Ladies Motorkhana – Riverstone
To be held at our club grounds, Bandon Road, Riverstone (cross the railway line and follow the road down to the end, (please shut the gate). Scrutineering starts at 8:00am, drivers briefing at 9:45am, event starts at 10:00am. No rally, hand cuts, mud and snow tyres etc. Contact Clerk of Course Ron Adlam on 0427 043 854 or Fly’s mobile on 0414 015 220 to check the event is on.
Check www.miniclub.com.au or Mini Club of NSW face book page leading up to the event to be sure it is on.
Drivers Championship Points
Gus Staunton Points

Small Car, Big Drive – Bathurst Run

After morning tea at the Bowenfels, Shell café we headed off for a spirited drive along Rydal Sodwalls Tarana Rd past Lake Lyell and through the tiny village of Tarana where we continued on the Tarana road through the picturesque countryside towards Bathurst. This road is the type we mini drivers enjoy; very winding and at times quiet narrow with single lane sections and bridges, so it is lucky we found only 1 or 2 cars passing from the opposite direction as our small convoy of minis travelled on towards Bathurst.

We eventually turned back onto the Great Western highway at Kelso and discovered Bruce Keyvar, with Sue, had joined onto the back of our convoy as he had finally caught up after just missing our departure from Lithgow. As we arrived into Bathurst we noticed the other group of minis, who had travelled via Goulburn, in the town centre but by the time we turned around they had vanished so we headed to “the track”.

After the obligatory laps around the track we drove up to McPhillemy Park on the top of the mountain and discussed the next phase of our day which thankfully involved food, so we headed down the hill to the Railway Hotel for lunch and to send a message to Kelvin’s group as to our whereabouts. Kelvin’s group arrived shortly after and we all managed to fill the dining room and keep the hotel staff busy as they cooked and delivered all of our lunch orders. We swapped stories about the great drive from Sydney and Kelvin’s group described how they had ended up on a dirt road after being misled by the map they were following: this explained why all of their cars looked like they had just completed a rally stage.

By now it was well after 2pm and some of the group had to go back to Sydney as they were not staying the night while the remaining group headed off to check into our overnight accommodation and to plan for the evening’s activities which we agreed to be at the Bathurst Panthers Club. The remainder of the afternoon was free time which most of us used to explore the town.

When we arrived at Panther’s it was discovered the Bistro was fully booked so we were directed to an alternative dining area which, in typical mini club fashion, we promptly set about taking over and joining tables together for our group of over 20 people.

We also met up with a few local mini enthusiasts who turned up to discuss all things mini; we all proceeded to enjoy the great food and company for the next few hours.

Sunday morning was again bright and sunny as we all headed into the motel dining room for breakfast and to plan the day ahead. After breakfast some of us found the local car wash prior to checking out and the scheduled meet for 10am at the Bathurst Motor Museum for a group photo around a replica of the 1966 winning Cooper S and more photos of our mini convoy outside.

After wandering around the great cars in the museum, photos and more mini talk we all started to disperse in separate directions as we headed for home.                   Some were going home via the back roads to the southern side of Sydney, some down the highway but first Lynne and I went with Bob Weir to the Bathurst Information centre to gather information on accommodation and ideas for next year’s Bathurst 1000 event.

Around 1pm we said goodbyes to Rob and commenced the drive out of Bathurst and down the highway towards Lithgow where the weather had deteriorated and the temperature had dropped to a wintery 13C. So it was a quick stop at McDonalds before a top up with fuel and a cruise past the town ship on towards the start of the Bells Line of road. This is a good mini road although sadly over the years has been speed limited to the point it is now somewhat boring but still better than the main highway and as our home is on the north side of Sydney it is more direct.

We arrived home safe and sound after completing over 400km for the weekend with no major issues or breakdowns although my car did develop a very load squeak from the front drivers’ side which I found to be a collapsed ball foot cup.

There had been discussion over the weekend for this excursion to be a regular annual event as we had all enjoyed the drive and weekend away so much, so keep an eye out for next year; although it is most likely going to involve a Car Race in 2016……

Michael Benton

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Historic Plate Rules update

Hi all…….
As you may be aware, the NSW State Government have introduced a 2 year logbook trial for owners of historic plated cars.
Should you wish to avail yourself of the new trial, (which allows for 60 days of personal use of your vehicle over and above club events)..
((as it reads on the RMS
website at the moment, but that may be open to interpretation and subject to modification)), you will need to attend the RMS, taking with you, proof of identity, current club membership, current conditional registration, current certificate of approved operations (the little purple sheet), and a filled out Change of Records form.

There is no additional cost (at the moment).
You will be issued with a logsheet (similar to the one we already have for you to document your 3 events requirement (which remains in force).
You are required to fill the logsheet out whenever the vehicle leaves your property for anything other than a Club Event, ( so even a short maintenance run needs to be logged).
Any further information is on the RMS website and links will be posted on our website as well.
more info here…..http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/historic-vehicles/log-book-trial.html

All of the current Mini Car Club NSW eligibility rules and 3 event requirements remain the same.

Please advise me if you choose to avail yourself of the new logbook system so I can update the club records..
Enjoy the new freedoms :) and I hope this all makes sense..

Rob Burns
Historic Plate Registrar.His

Small Car, Big Drive to Bathurst, Saturday 17th October

Hi All, the Social Department have a Bathurst Run Sat 17th October… why not come along for a run.
Small Car, Big Drive – Bathurst Run
We are organising a Bathurst Run. October 17th……..and if you want to stay over, returning on the Sunday 18th.
Why? ‘Cause it’s time to blow the cobwebs out of your Mini.
How? Well the choice is yours. Two routes planned.
Either the long way around – A leisurely 4 hours drive (plus stops, fuel etc).
Departing from 7-Eleven, South Western Freeway Hume Motorway, Pheasants Nest at 7:00am and travelling via Taralga and Black Springs……
should see us in Bathurst by 12ish (depending on the stops for photo opportunities etc).
Straight over the mountains. – Most likely departing from the twin Macca’s on the M4 at around 9:00am (looking for a Lead for this one)….should also see us in Bathurst by 12ish (depending on the stops for photo opportunities etc).
If you’re interested let us know which route, the 2 or the 4 hour Run and provide a mobile contact number, email address so we can keep in touch.
If you’re keen on a sleepover, have a chat to your mates and book you own accommodation NOW, but let us know so we can organise somewhere to meet for Dinner.
The Saturday drive should be entertaining and Sunday should see us taking in the sites of Bathurst. With a straight run home down the highway on Sunday afternoon.
We’re keen, and would love for you to join us.
So contact Kelvin Goldfinch on 0408 691 261 or
9605 8857 email ratrace@optusnet.com.au

Rob Weir will lead the convoy from, McDonald’s M4 West, M4 Fwy, Eastern Creek NSW, leaving at 9:00am with a morning tea stop at the Shell Garage, Coles Express Lithgow, Petrol Station, Great Western Hwy, South Bowenfels, which is on the left on the way into Lithgow at 11:00 am, and then it’s just a leisurely 1 hour drive from there into Bathurst.
There are many Motels to choose from in Bathurst, I am looking to book into the Explorers Motel, 357 Stewart Street , 2795 Bathurst, 6331 2966, and welcome anyone to join me, the Quality Motel is nearby, 344 Stewart Street, 2795 Bathurst, 6332 1800, and both are within Walking distance of Bathurst Panthers Leagues Club where we could maybe have dinner.
“Bathurst Panthers, is open 7 days. Enjoy cooked to order meals from the bistro for lunch & dinner
or grab a coffee & cake while you relax in the lounge”
So Contact Kelvin if you are going from Pheasants Nest,
Or Rob Weir on 0418161918 if you are going from M4, or would even like to meet us at Lithgow, for the rest of the trip in to Bathurst.

Results for the Show n Shine

Results for the Show ‘N’ Shine were:-

Class A.   Deluxe, Mini K, 850                Class B.   Cooper, Cooper S MK 1 & MK 2

1st ALAN OLSON                                           1st LYNNE BENTON

2nd GRANT FREEMAN                                2nd RON HENSON

3rd TED BISHOP                                             3rd MARTIN DWYER


Class C. Clubman, Clubman GT                        Class D. Commercials, Vans, Pick-ups, Derivatives

1st ROBERT BRADSHAW                           1st BRET EGGLESTON

2nd ROBERT WEIR                                          2nd ANDREW DOWER

3rd JOSH HARKIN                                           3rd STEPHEN LAWREWCE


Class E. Modified, and Competition    Class F. Imports post 1980

1st MICHAEL BENTON                                1st MEGAN LUCAS

2nd STEVE   PEARSE                                       2nd DARRYL MOORE

3rd COLLIN MALLEY                                     3rd BRET EGGLESTON


Class G. Mokes                                           Class H. Best Mini Unrestored pre 1980

1st JULIAN ATKINSON                                1st IAN THOMPSON

2nd DARRELL   MEREDITH                        2nd CHRIS BARGLIK

3rd DEAN COOK                                              3rd ROHAN OLSON



Not awarded

Congratulations to all the winners, and also thank you to all the other members that entered their cars, out of seventy five cars that attended on the day, there were forty one entries to the Show ’n’ Shine, maybe you will do better next year.





Well what a great day, the weather gods were good to us this year the rain stayed away and the sun was out shining all day,

I arrived at about 7:15am and there was already on site a contingent of Mini Car Club members busily putting together our display and preparing our designated area for the day ahead, the saying “many hands make light work” was certainly true on this morning, and our display seemed to grow by magic

As more and more members arrived with their cars the activity increased, Michael Benton and Ross Freeman were kept busy directing traffic and positioning cars to make the most of our display area, while other members were busily polishing and shining, and putting the final touches of gleam to their wonderful cars.

There was a steady flow of entries for the Show ‘N’ Shine and Secretary Joan Vaughan along with, Rob and Jill Bradshaw were kept very busy processing the necessary paperwork, it was all looking towards being a good day.

By 9:00am more than fifty cars were in position with more and more steadily arriving every minute, more entries for the Show ‘n’ Shine, and more members to greet and talk with, I was certainly kept busy floating around the edges offering assistance where I was needed, and of course chatting with other members.

By the time Judging had started for the Show ’N’ Shine, more than seventy cars were positioned within our allocated display area, Round Nosers, Clubbies, Mokes, Mini Vans, a few Pick-Ups (Utes), the odd Morris Eleven Hundred,(well not really too odd), and even a rare Mini Marcos had made it out for the day.

Some members travelled great distances for the day, there was a convoy from the Southern Highlands, including Goulbourn, groups from the Illawarra Region, the Mountain Men were in attendance, along with contingents from Newcastle, The Hunter Region, and the Central Coast, along with a host of members from all parts of Sydney metropolitan area, however, and I may be corrected, but I think the furthest travelled would have to be the Lucas Family from Taree, a great effort by all, thank you to all that attended, you are the ones that helped make the day what it was.

Thank you also to Bruce Keyvar our All British Day delegate for distribution of tickets and his assistance on the day.

I must also thank those that took time to do the judging of the cars, without judges we would not be able to decide winners, I will not name individuals so as to protect the innocent, you guys know who you were, thank you very much.

Thanks must also go to the many other members that helped out on the day and came and gave of their time, our photographers, Dean Cook and Rob Burns, transport logistics and set up Andrew Bradshaw, our president Ron Adlam, along with the many other helpers behind the scenes.

All in all, I think was a great display of member’s cars, and that a great day was had by all that were in attendance, and remember, if you weren’t successful in the Show ’N’ shine this year come along next year I’m sure the day will be just as good.

Keep an eye on coming events, and I look forward to seeing you out and about.

Regards Rob Weir.