Historic Conditional Rego

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To read and print the MCC NSW Historic Conditional Registration Eligibility and Rules Click HERE

To Print the Road & Maritime Services Conditional Registration Historic Declaration (Form RMS 1259) Click HERE. ( 2 x Copies Needed)

To Print the Roads & Maritime Services Application for Conditional Registration ( Form RMS 1246) Please Click HERE

To print the Mini Car Club of NSW’s CP Inspection & Eligibility Checklist (Form CPO1) Click  HERE

To print the Mini Car Club of NSW CP03 Historic Plated Vehicles Log Sheet, Please Click HERE

For any Further Information regarding the Historic Registration please contact

Rob Burns our Club Plate Registrar by email at historicregistrar@miniclub.com.au or call Rob on 0414 193 798 or

Warwick Butt our Assistant Club Plate Registrar by email at asshistoricregistrar@miniclub.com.au or Call 02 9521 3310