Welcome to the Mini Car Club NSW

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The Mini Car Club of NSW was started over 50 years ago when a bunch of motoring enthusiasts pooled their resources in celebration of the small car that would redefine motoring forever.

Since its humble beginnings the Mini Car Club of NSW has grown to be one of the strongest and most diverse motoring clubs in NSW and now boasts a membership of around 500.

The club has a long and proud history of success in motorsport and concourse events. The annual calendar also has a wide range of social events and opportunities to meet.

The club would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join in and help keep the Mini spirit alive. Young or old, new to Minis or an old pro, a rusty daily hack or a pristine show car, modified or standard, there is something for everyone in 
The Mini Car Club of NSW.

If you would like to become a member please Click HERE to fill out the 2018 Membership form