Minis In the Gong Show and Shine


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by PhillB » Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:54 pm Just an update for everyone on the Show tomorrow.

The show will be going ahead tomorrow!

We will only be cancelling if there is very heavy rain or severe weather and this seems unlikely at this stage.

Keep checking our Facebook page and our webpage for any updates. We will try and post live in the morning from the site on the local weather.

Please remember that the weather situation in Wollongong is often quite different to conditions in Sydney. Apparently there was heavy rain in Sydney and Southern Highlands today but we had almost none in the Wollongong Region just overcast and cloudy.

We have inspected the grounds and they are in excellent condition despite the rain over the past days as the grounds have a slight slope and drain well.

If you are concerned about rain we will allow the use of 3m x 3m Gazebos. If you wish to erect one please let us know on arrival so we can direct you to a suitable area. They need to be able to be pegged down.

Bring an umbrella or rain jacket just in case, Don’t forget the Museum is open all day and well worth a visit if there is a need to escape from the weather.

Fencing is all up and we are ready to go!!

We look forward to seeing everyone in the morning!

Refer to Event page for further details